Iterations One. Site and Product is Live.

Nearly one year ago, we did some brainstorming on how we could create a consumer product based on my father-in-laws knowledge of the flower industry.

Florami was that idea and product.  After a year of getting our shit together, we were able to finally release the site and product three days ago

Does Nexus Solve our Component team problem in Agile?

Nexus addresses the fundamental problem we tend to face in large companies, their architecture stack has been outsourced to different providers based on components.  In agile, we sometimes become too trapped in our thoughts and think that all teams must be multi-disciplined to be truly agile.  When you start to look at the Nexus model, you soon realise that the authors of this model had some real world experience and realised that you could put 7-9 component teams together and make them work in scrum

Large Backlog Mangement

The funny thing sometimes with agile projects is that we sometimes forget to think more then the next sprint or release ahead.  It's not uncommon to see a team form, get the product owner to go out to the business and start putting together a backlog that could be used in that first up sprint. Don't get me wrong, I actually encourage things like this to occur and am a firm believer in not having that dreaded sprint 0, but instead of cracking on and getting things started.

Bar Flirt to Ice Breaker to Flitz

A few years back I was sitting on tram coming home from the office, where I was enjoyed some eye contact as well as shy miles with a girl who was sitting across from me.  The tram signaled that my stop was next.  I got up and walked out of the tram